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A High Technology built home equipped with Solar Panels, Robotics and Advanced Technology.

Construction robots, Security robots, Kitchen robots, Cleaning robots, Pet robots, etc.

A 1 year hold that pays dividends for 10 years after.

This investment fund blends the high-growth potential of real estate with innovative green technology, specifically focusing on solar energy. We use advanced technology like 3D printing and automated brick laying, alongside solar power systems, to create eco-friendly, sustainable, and profitable real estate ventures.

Our projections suggest a highly competitive internal rate of return (IRR) a result of the highly efficient building processes and strong projected rental and ancillary income.

Key expenses include construction costs (including solar panel installation), the purchase of equipment and land, expenses related to roads and infrastructure, and operational costs such as accounting, marketing, travel, repairs, and research & development.

Our approach to risk mitigation includes diversification of income (property rentals, 3D printer rentals, bricklayer robot income), strategic use of technology to reduce construction costs, and a dedicated budget for repairs and additional services. We also have 24-hour security and insurance policies in place to protect our assets.

The fund aims to increase rent annually by 4% to keep pace with market trends and inflation, ensuring steady and growing income. Furthermore, we're focusing on sustainable, high-demand housing solutions, which we anticipate will remain profitable due to increasing market interest in eco-friendly living options.

We've budgeted for corporate expenses, accounting, marketing, travel, research & development, and more. To optimize asset management, we have planned an asset management commission of 2.5% and a property management commission ensuring that the properties are effectively maintained and managed.

As a private limited partnership, the AI Smart Home Fund is not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Investing in the fund involves a high degree of risk, including the potential complete loss of investment. These risks may include uncertainties in financial markets, real estate entitlement process, market conditions, unforeseen costs or liabilities associated with the properties, competitive pressures, and more. Please refer to our risk disclosure statement here.

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